Preparation and Arrival

Bed Bug Prevention

Alyssum's bed bug policy is mandatory for all guests in order to prevent any potential issues with bed bugs, which could shut down the program and compromise the safety and comfort of other guests and staff.

Preparing for your Visit

Pack light (1 or 2 medium sized bags), include only the essential clothing and items for your brief stay. Bring items that can go into the dryer for 40 minutes on high heat. Delicates, wool or non-dry-able items should be left at home.


In order to prevent bed bugs guest can not enter the main part of the house without first borrowing an outfit (provided by Alyssum) or until their own clothing has gone through the dryer. Guests may have tea and a snack and complete intake paperwork while waiting.


Coats, boots, sneakers, hats, slippers that can't be dried stay in the outer room and can go outside with guest but do not come into main house at any time. No exceptions.

Clothing and Fabric

All clothing, fabric items, slippers, purses, bags etc,will be put into the dryer for 40 minutes on high heat - this process is overseen by staff. Alyssum is not responsible for damage to items guests choose to bring that might be ruined or damaged in the dryer. If a guest is unsure if an item can be safely dried, guest can choose to store the item instead of putting it in the dryer.


Personal items (such as a book or two, a laptop, cigarettes, hygiene products, medications, phones, or chargers) will be sorted by the guest (checked over for bugs if needed) and will be put into a small carrying tote for the guest's convenience. The guest may then bring these items into the house with them.

Safe Keeping

Guests will be asked to put any other items which can't go into the dryer into a large individually marked tote for safe keeping until departure. Guests may only access items in storage during their stay when accompanied by staff and these items still cannot go into the house. Any items too large for the tote (such as luggage) will be bagged and stored until departure as well.


All clothing, personal items, and luggage are handled only by the guest unless guest specifically asks for help with sorting their items or using the dryer. Guests will take ALL items out of original bags, purses, backpacks, coat pockets etc. and they will place these items either into the dryer or totes provided for house use. Staff will be present for any questions or assistance.

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