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Job Opportunities
Alyssum is hiring for an Executive Director and
new full or part time team members. Positions may require a willingness and ability to work awake overnights, weekends and Wednesday mornings. 
Please see information below.

Core Competencies

Applicants should meet the following requirements to be considered for a position at Alyssum:

  • Resume of lived experience with trauma, emotional and mental health challenges

  • Excellent recovery and self-care skills

  • Significant desire and ability to work on self

  • Strong work ethic and self-motivation

  • Ability and willingness to engage with others on a personal level

  • Ability and willingness to grow, change, and learn

  • Ability to work collaboratively in a flat management program

Core competencies that we look for include:

  • Grounded

  • Insightful

  • Self-aware

  • Self-motivated

  • Self-directed

  • Decision making abilities

  • Authentic

Staff and Program Structure


Alyssum’s home has staff awake and present around the clock. Staffing includes 3 primary shifts plus one floating “split shift” per day. At times during high-acuity situations, another shift may be added. Staff are able to collaboratively arrange their shift schedules with each other in order to maintain both wellness and coverage for the program.

Collaborative management encourages responsibility and fosters empowerment.

Co-supervision is a weekly staff meeting. We check in to see how everyone’s doing, discuss any issues or events that need to be addressed, and continually further our training.


Staff Training


​On the job training begins with shifts scheduled in tandem with experienced staff who make time to work with and train new staff. Training includes in-house routines and paperwork, emergency procedures, as well as role plays, dialogue skills, listening skills, and the sharing of other tools which Alyssum staff use. Staff are also sent to training and conferences as they become available.

Applications and the Hiring Process


Interested applicants must submit a resume and cover letter to the address listed at the bottom of this page.


Please include in your cover letter:

  • Why you want to work at a crisis respite like Alyssum

  • What learned wisdom and skills you will be bringing to our program

We acknowledge the receipt of all applications. If you haven’t heard from us, please feel free to reach out and confirm we got your information.


Thank you for your interest!

Alyssum – Executive Director Summary Job Posting


January 11, 2024


Alyssum is looking for the right person to provide leadership and oversight in the Executive Director (ED) role. We will consider full-time or part-time or interim; specific roles will be determined according to candidate’s strengths in the context of the organization’s needs.

What are we looking for in an Executive Director?


The Executive Director is charged with carrying out the mission, policies and programs of Alyssum as determined by the Board of Directors. This position oversees and is engaged in ongoing operations and collaborative management of the organization. The ED energetically supports Alyssum’s current capacity with an eye to expansion opportunities.


Specific responsibilities include:


  • Outreach (advocacy and marketing)

  • Financial Operations Oversight

  • Staff Support and Supervision

  • Work with Board of Directors

  • Grant Management

  • Human Resources


The Executive Director should have lived mental health experience and be comfortable working in a collaborative peer support environment. Moreover, the ED candidate should have experience applicable to leading the staff and organization by example, instruction, and guidance.




Complete the online form:

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