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The Staff

Working at Alyssum is a gift for staff and guests alike. Staff learn and grow through the job.


They are challenged to self-reflect and to be present in a kind, mutual and non-judgmental manner.


Staff work on their own boundaries and their own life skills as an integral part of their employment.

Will Eberle (he/him) - Executive Director

Will is honored to build on the incredible legacy of Alyssum’s Founding Director Gloria Van den Berg, and its staff, board, funders, and partners to serve as Alyssum’s next Executive Director! Will’s lived-experience with poverty, homelessness, abuse, unemployment, and substance use and mental health challenges form the basis of his deep love for peer support and helping to nurture and grow programs that give people choice, dignity, and powerful tools to help reach their goals and make their dreams come true.


Will is also the Executive Director of the Vermont Association For Mental Health and Addiction Recovery. Will served as a Field Director at the Vermont Agency of Human Services and the Executive Director of Another Way, a peer run drop-in and community center in Montpelier, for six years respectively. Will is the founder of Mission Driver Consulting, where he provides keynotes, training, and legislative and Congressional testimony on Peer Support, homelessness, supported housing, supported employment, and substance use and mental health challenges, and helps mission-driven organizations enhance equity and organizational development.

Will is a Curtis Scholar, and ambassador for the VSAC and TRIO programs that help low-income and first generation college students access post-secondary educational opportunities. He completed the Public Narrative program at the Harvard Kennedy School, the Snelling School For Government’s Vermont Leadership Institute and Vermont Agency of Human Services Leadership Academy programs, obtained a Master of Public Administration degree at Norwich University, and Bachelor of Psychology degree at Johnson State University. 


When he isn’t working, Will loves spending time with his kids, knitting, fly fishing, trail running, mountain biking, canoe camping, reading, writing, playing piano, and exploring the nooks and crannies of this beautiful planet.  

Staff members are trained in the following:

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