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The Program

Alyssum offers two beds in private rooms. The house is home-like, with a focus on

a comfortable environment where people can feel safe sharing and connecting with others. The average length of stay at Alyssum is seven days. Alyssum is 100% peer staffed and run. 

Peer Support at Alyssum is an opportunity to be validated and to be heard

There is time to reflect and to connect with others in a non-judgmental and safe environment

We encourage exploring "What happened to you?" rather than "what's wrong with you?"

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Alyssum's  program is not structured. Guests are encouraged to be self determined and to focus on self determined goals. Staff share support throughout this process. Shift coverage is arranged so that staff have the time to work one on one with guests as needed.

Staff and Guests may explore the impact of trauma, do grief work, look at community and/or support issues, listen, explore hearing voices, and much much's all part of Alyssum.

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Some guests bring support or service animals with them for a stay. Staff will work with you, your anticipated needs and any accommodations which need to be made.

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Many people ask about planning their stay and what they might expect at arrival. We respect your privacy, we do not do searches, but we do try to prevent bed bugs coming to visit!

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We have Frequently Ask Questions about our program and encourage people to call and talk to staff with any more questions they might have.

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Laughter, Love and Kindness

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Whole Food and Home Cooking​​

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​Meditation, Yoga, Mindfulness and Positive Visioning

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Art and Craft Projects

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Connecting with nature

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