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Frequently Asked Questions

How much will this cost? 

Nothing, the program is free to all eligible Vermonters (see eligibility criteria). It is funded by a Grant from the Vermont Department of Mental Health.

Can I come to Alyssum if I'm suicidal?

Yes, providing you will be able to feel and be safe in a voluntary peer run program. Staff support people who feel suicidal frequently.

Can I come to Alyssum if I self-harm?

Yes, we ask that you use your coping mechanism responsibly, and staff will support you or talk to you -or not-  however you want  about this. We provide first aid materials for guests to use.

Will Alyssum staff help me get off my meds?

No...not while at the program. We will work with you, through the harm reduction model, to help you develop a plan and a support system to come off your medication in the future. 

How long can I stay?

The length of stay varies from person to person, depending on their needs, and is mutually decided by staff and guest. Currently, the average length of stay of all guests is three to five days.

Can I smoke tobacco?

Alyssum currently allows people to smoke on the property in designated areas.

What if I have a medical marijuana card?

As an organization that receives part of its grant funding via federal sources, we are unable to condone the use of marijuana on Alyssum property.  

What do I have to bring?

Bring the clothing and comfort items you need for a short stay. Because Alyssum has a bed bug procedure, all items need to be able to go through the dryer, or they need to be bagged and kept isolated until departure.

Are there groups?

No. Alyssum's program is self-directed and staff are available for projects, one-on-one support and whatever guests want to work on.

Do I have my own room?

Yes, Alyssum has 2 private bedrooms, with 2 shared bathrooms.

Can I leave the premises?

Yes. There is a sign-out sheet, and we ask that you notify staff of departure and planned return.

Can I have visitors while I'm a guest?

Yes. All visits must be pre-approved by staff and visitors must not be on the sex offender registry. All visitors must leave by 8:00pm.

Is there internet?

Yes, Alyssum has wifi and a shared guest computer and phone. You are welcome to bring your own phone and laptop. There is limited cell service depending on your provider. (AT&T usually works here)

Are meals provided?

Yes, guests and staff cook together as needed. Guests who have special dietary needs should discuss this with staff before arrival.

Can I bring my pet?

Alyssum accepts companion animals with current vaccination records.

(see our service animal policy)

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