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Alyssum is a voluntary peer-support program. There are no medical staff on our premises. Our intake criteria has been thoughtfully designed by all staff in an effort to keep everyone safe and comfortable.

All guests need to meet the following criteria:

1. You are not presently at significant risk of acting upon suicidal thoughts (you can feel and be safe in a voluntary program).

2. You have had no recent and/or re-occurring episodes of uncontrolled destructive behavior and/or violence (which would put staff, yourself, and other guests at risk).

3. You are presently not at risk of needing significant medical attention for physical self-harm. (Alyssum supports individuals who use self-harm as a coping technique but we do not have medical staff on the premises. You must be able to manage this independently.)


4. You are cognitively aware and desire voluntary healing in a safe alternative setting hosted by peers, with primary emphasis on self-directed healing.


5. You are a Vermont resident with a place to return to after leaving Alyssum.


6. You are responsible for administering your own medications. (Staff will not hold medications or administer them. Lock-boxes are provided.)​


7. You are able to care for your own activities of daily living. (You are responsible for your basic medical and physical self-care. We do not have nursing staff.)


8. You are willing to and able of being free of alcohol and non-prescribed drugs while at Alyssum. (Guests using substances while at Alyssum will be asked to leave.)


9. You are not a registered sex offender.


10. You are 18 years or older.


11. This intake criteria must be verified by a professional who knows you, to confirm that you and Alyssum would be a good fit for each other.

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